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At Felix Instruments we offer sales training for our entire instrument line. This is a live online training session lasting approximately 35 minutes. Please complete the training request form and we will contact you to schedule your sales training session.

Technician Training

F-9XX Disassembly and Reassembly

F-9XX Technician Traveler

F-9XX Traveler Companion

Felix Leak Test Accompanying Instructions

Gas Supplier Recommendation CAC Gas

F-751 Avo Customer Calibration Protocol

F-750 Starter Models

*These models are designed as demos, they are not intended for use beyond this. The models are expected to be used on F-750 hardware versions 018 and higher (hardware version is the middle three digits in the serial number), use of these models on older F-750s may lead to data loss and unnecessary repairs.


Non-destructive measurements of total soluble solids in mandarins.